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Media Marketing and Advertising


Leniko Marketing is a leading global marketing wing of Leniko Solutions Pvt Ltd providing our clients with best in class strategic and creative services that meet their brand building needs across all communication channels. Our team collaborate to integrate advertising, celebrity management, relationship management, media, promotion, event marketing, entertainment, P.R., branding, and all forms of digital marketing. When you share your challenges with Lenikians, we respond with a tailored plan that includes the perfect combination of our offerings to help meet your strategic goals. And with a keen understanding of what’s on the horizon in various industries, we promise work that’s relevant and two steps ahead of your competitors.


Our company acts as a la carte agency with expertise in all marketing disciplines. Because we believe that great work is something conceived, nurtured and evaluated together, we house all of our disciplines and speciality experts under one roof. We don’t wait for our clients to tell us what services they want; we work together as a team to determine what they need. Call it integration, collaboration or team work – we simply call it the everyday practice of doing what’s right

Leniko’s Advertising offers a wide range of services to our clients, including:

• Out of Home Advertising

• Internet Advertising

• Website Advertising

• Brand Spiralling

• In- Store Commercials

• POP Advertising

• Promotional Merchandise

• Print Design


At Leniko Solutions, we provide a wide variety of marketing services from high-level strategic planning to targeted email campaigns. We are mainly focused on creating rich experiences that connect people with brands, products, and services and build profitable customer relationships over time. Whether your company is a hundred years old or new and in need of a clearer, stronger identity, then Lenkians are here to help you to grow your business.

Our Support includes:

– Cause Related Marketing

– Brand Marketing

– Digital Customer Relationship Management

– Digital Media and Search Marketing

– Direct Marketing – E Mail, Direct Mail and Tele Marketing

– Mobile Marketing

– Promotional Marketing

– Social Media and Marketing

– Viral Marketing

– Brand Identity

– Promotional Marketing

– Relationship Marketing

– Sales Promotion

– Branded Entertainment